It All Starts With the Track!

Choose Between Permanent or Modular

Skateboard Supercross (SBSX) is an innovative league that will allow skateboarding’s disconnected disciplines to fuse together into one very accessible sport. These pump tracks are an amazing way for any person to learn an exciting sport and become part of this growing league.

It starts with selecting the best track system for your space. We can customize a solution for a small, medium and indoor space with modular tracks or full scale paved pump tracks in larger open spaces. The SBSX Academy provides a turn-key solution to a complete educational model to attract more participants. We set you up with the gear, a custom mobile app (iPhone and Android), and instructor certifications.

If you have the drive and passion, you now have the opportunity to be at the forefront of an emerging trend that can generate revenue and grow for years to come.

First of its Kind OPPORTUNITY
Comes Racing Your Way!

  • Be the first to bring in this new program and be the source of the buzz for your area

  • Generate a new revenue stream with an innovation not found elsewhere

  • Be part of a growing nationwide skateboard education and racing platform

  • Opportunity to utilize as a new attraction for specialized camps

  • Unique as a new kind of birthday party attraction

  • Will generate interest amongst adults. We have seen 30% of parents try out the track for themselves!

  • The phone app will generate demographic data


Modular Pumptrack Systems

Our modular track system can be set up in hours.

The systems are totally moldable and expandable, allows for change, adaptability and progression of participants.

Modular pumptracks are easily assembled and disassembled with just a couple of hand tools. A 5,000 square foot area can have track laid out in about three hours. All of our tracks allow every wheeled sport to utilize them: skateboards, longboards, scooters, bicycles, and inline skates. This means you can host and charge for open sessions for anything with wheels!

Fully Integrated App – Connecting Riders to Your Academy and Other SBSX Events


SBSX has the ability to connect any of its tracks to events or parks online, and can also invite people to race- this application is the first of its kind!

Through our online platform, SBSX members can enjoy being globally connected to all SBSX tracks. Points earned will qualify riders for our yearly championships! Download the SBSX app on any Apple or Android device and you’re ready to race!

SBSX brings head-to-head racing and competition to riders of all skill levels and ages. You can track all statistics and learn how to best cater to your riders with the SBSX app. Riders can schedule races, pay for sessions, and even buy gear through the app. Best of all, you can alert your riders of any specials or promotions directly to their phones!

Sport Progression


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