Meet the Founder


Jonathan Strauss
Jonathan StraussFounder

Founder's Vision

Every destination has basketball courts and football fields and soccer fields but longboarding and skateboarding do not always have the state of the art facilities for practice.  Skateboarding has never had one educational platform to increase its numbers and outreach to the mainstream.  The Skateboard Supercross Academies provide a standardized approach to teach every single person four years and above to learn how to skate.  Skateboard Supercross looks to establish a state of the art facility in every single municipality around the World and interconnect these facilities via virtual network so that skaters can meet each other, share their passion and eventually compete against each other.

Forward Vision 

Our facilities will be looked at as mini stadiums that provide a strong sense of community and one of the most marketable and memorable sports in the action sports industry, that will be featured across the board on mainstream media, the internet and social networks.